ALTOUR – Destinations – Fall/Winter 2017
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TMFor the ALTOUR American Express® office nearest you call,1.800.297.0644See a complete list of locations inside!ALTOUR American ExpressCall 1-800-297-0644 to speak to the nearest ALTOUR American Express office.Fall/Winter 2017 • Volume 17, Issue 52It’s Time... To Go THERE!“I’ve never been there before!” “What are the best places to visit?” Where should we stay?” “What makes this destination so special?” “What sets it apart from any other destination in this part of the world?” “Should we take a cruise to get there? ” “What ship should we take?” “Should we plan extra days once we’re there and do a land excursion?” “What’s the best time of year to go there? ”We have been there and we have a wealth of information about helping you plan your upcoming trip to a new and exciting destination. We can recommend the best way to get there, what to see and do, special places to stay, great places for a romantic dinner or a family outing, insider information on what the best sites are and when is the best time to see these exciting destinations. And, this is just the beginning of all that we can do to make your next adventure your best adventure ever! Yes, indeed... where ever you want to go... we can get you there!

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